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Do yoga from anywhere, on your schedule, at your pace.

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Designed for Beginners

The only yoga site dedicated to beginners with a unique one-on-one instructor/model learning style.

Yoga on Your Time

Use Reflexion Yoga to practice any time you want, from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection.


No long-term commitments or contracts - only $9/month for as much yoga as you need.

Your Personal Yoga Library

Choose from hundreds of classes based on skill level, length, and body part focus. Our library makes it easy to find the type of yoga you're in the mood for.

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Yoga Anywhere

On the go? No problem - take Reflexion Yoga with you wherever you travel. Our site is optimized for smartphones and tablets making it easy to practice yoga anywhere.

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Build a Better You

Whether it's losing weight or toning up, our yoga classes and yoga programs are designed to help you reach your specific fitness goals.

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