Reflexion Yoga was built with one very simple purpose in mind - to help beginners discover yoga in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our History

You see that guy over there? That's Kyle. Kyle swore for years that yoga was silly and it didn't count as "real fitness". When in reality, he was just afraid of stepping out of his comfort zone and he didn't want to be "bad at yoga". A friend convinced Kyle to do some yoga with him at home, and that 60-minute yoga session changed Kyle's life forever.

After seeing the changes in his own body and mind, Kyle had one mission in mind, and that was to re-gift the environment of safety and fun to yoga beginners in a way that sets them up for success. He remembers what it was like to be new to the practice and kind of nervous about going to the studio where all the seasoned yogis hung out.

So he decided to build a super easy and affordable way for you to learn yoga from the comfort of your home AND at a fractions of the cost!

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What We Offer

Our members get unlimited access to hundreds of yoga classes, workshops, yoga programs, and a dedicated beginner center. It's the real deal.

Beginner Center

Brand new to yoga? Then you've come to the right place! Our Beginner Center is tailored to anyone and everyone just starting out with yoga.

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Yoga Workshops

Our custom yoga workshops are designed to help you learn and master some of the coolest and most challenging aspects of the yoga practice.

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Yoga Programs

Looking to shed a few extra pounds or tone up that waistline? Our 4-8 week yoga programs are designed to help you reach your fitness goals!

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