Love Your Liver

If you had to list the highest functioning organs in the body you’d probably say the brain and the heart. You may throw in the lungs. But would you think of your liver…for most people, the answer is no.

The liver is one of the most complex and highly functioning organs in the body. It’s responsible for more than 400 functions daily (whoa!) including but not limited to: supplying your trillion plus cells with nutrients and enzymes; breaking down complex chemicals and synthesizing protein; deactivating and detoxifying hormones, alcohol and medicinal drugs; and filtering 3 pints of blood every minute!

Everyday the liver produces 1-1.5 quarts of bile. Liver bile has many functions: it assists with the digestion of fat, calcium and protein; it helps maintain normal fat levels in the blood; it removes toxins from the liver; helps maintain proper acid/alkaline balance in the intestinal tract and keeps the colon clean. Liver bile is essential to maintaining a strong and healthy digestive systems, which is responsible for feeding the body’s cells the right amount of nutrients. If the liver produces less than the 1-1.5 quarts of necessary bile daily, problems arise. The digestion of food, elimination of waste and the body’s continual detoxification of the blood is compromised. In fact, with over 400 daily functions, nearly all health problems in the body are an indirect result of reduced bile availability in the liver.

Gallstones are the number 1 cause of bile obstructions. A gentle liver cleanse can be done by eating foods that nourish and repair this powerhouse, keeping it in tip top shape to keep caring for you. Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are excellent detoxifiers. Garlic helps activate liver enzymes that flush out toxins. Leafy greens help neutralize harmful chemicals and repair the liver. Beets improve over-all liver function. Lemons and grapefruit help flush the liver while walnuts support the liver through its cleansing process. Lastly turmeric stimulates the production of bile and supports your liver in detoxification.

Yes, liver and gallbladder cleanses are out there, but in my experience they are aggressive and not the most loving way to go about cleansing your body. Showing your liver constant love and nourishment through the foods you eat should keep it healthy and functioning at an optimal level. I don’t know about you but I don’t even come close to getting 400 things accomplished a day. Give your liver a little extra TLC and show it some gratitude for all the amazing things it does every day to take care of you.

This article was written by Kirsten Nagy, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Lead Author at Her passion for health and wellness extends far beyond her own personal practices, and she loves helping other embrace a healthy lifestyle, the easy way.

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