Why Fall Is The Best Time For Change

I don’t know about you but whenever the seasons change, particularly winter into spring and summer into fall, I feel overwhelmingly inspired to initiate change in my life. Change in my diet, exercise, negative thought patterns – anything that is keeping me stuck in the uncomfort of the now.

From an energetic standpoint this makes complete sense. As the seasons change, the energy of our surroundings change, and as energetic beings we reverberate that. What fulfills you in the winter is not going to energize you in the summer. Just as what invigorate you in the spring will not humble you in the fall. Change is important. It keeps us alive and present; it keeps us going. And it’s the only constant you can rely on, so you might as well get on board with it.

Spring is usually thought of as the time for detoxification. Detoxification of your body, your actions, your life. We’re coming off the heavy, cold, solitary winter and moving into summer, a busy season full of fire and motion. Spring detoxification allows you to shed whatever’s been weighting you down all winter in preparation for a bustling, buoyant spring and summer. Spring detoxification – spring change – is very important, it definitely helps to revive and refresh your mind and body. But for me, fall has always been the season that I most identify with. Fall is my blank canvas, it’s my inspiration.

In nature, fall is a time of death. But not just death, rebirth as well. It’s a time to look inside yourself and reflect on what you see. It’s a time of focus. The hustle and bustle of the warmer months is dying down and you have more time to focus on change; it’s quieter and easier to listen to your inner voice.

Whatever changes are calling you this season, honor them. If it’s your job, feel inspired and excited to begin the search for a new one. If it’s your diet, enjoy the bounty of nature’s harvest available in the fall. If it’s your exercise routine, be grateful that the heat of the summer has died down and it’s easier to be outside, enjoying nature. If it’s love, appreciate the intimacy and calm that cannot possibly be achieved fully during the constant movement of the warmer months. Whatever it is welcome that change into your life. Use this change in seasons, this change in the Earth’s energy to move forward, out of the now and into the new.

This article was written by Kirsten Nagy, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Lead Author at yogaforbellyfat.com. Her passion for health and wellness extends far beyond her own personal practices, and she loves helping other embrace a healthy lifestyle, the easy way.

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