Yoga Rocks the Park

Reflexion Yoga is thrilled to be a sponsor for one of Colorado’s most renowned yoga events this year: Yoga Rocks the Park.

Yoga Rocks the Park (YRP) was originally conceived to serve Denver’s thriving yoga community with the opportunity to practice to a soundtrack of live music, under Colorado’s famously clear summer skies. But by end of the 2011 season, with attendance topping 400 people at selected events, it became clear that the community would welcome additional dates, times and locations. With this in mind, the 2012 season will significantly expand YRP’s Colorado presence, giving Front Range yogis many more chances to “shake their asanas” in the great outdoors.

Haven’t heard of it? Well here’s the rundown:

Every Sunday morning during our beautiful Colorado summer, this amazing event invites Colorado’s most talented teachers to lead a yoga class in a park (sunshine included in admission price). Aside from the awesome class, there are giveaways, vendors, and an overwhelming sense of community.

As much as we see the value in online yoga, we encourage all our members to get involved with their local yoga communities. You’ll meet people from all walks of life and all professions, and very quickly begin to notice how easy it is to set aside superficial differences for one clear and progressive purpose: growth.

The poses are fun and challenging, yes, but the relationships you forge with your fellow yogis is what you take with you off the mat. Having a personal practice is healthy and invigorating, but establishing true connection with others is what enriches your life.

What if YRTP is not in my city?

Don’t worry, they will be soon. This organization is growing exponentially and is already scouting more cities around the US. Even if it’s not a YRTP even, we can assure that there are some yogis in your city doing some kind of community event. Get involved!

Reflexion Yoga got involved with YRP by merely asking how we could help. There are a ton of organizations and causes that all use yoga to bring people together for the greater good. Go out and find one near you, and lend a helping hand. Yoga is definitely a personal practice, and means something different to everyone, but one thing that permeates every yogi over time is the feeling of giving back, and bringing others into our world.

If you are fortunate enough to have a YRTP near you, then definitely go see what all the buzz is about! You can check out their events at

As always, be light my friends.

Kyle Weiger – Founder of Reflexion Yoga

Ali Jafarian

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