October Featured Member – Chante K.

Our featured member for October is Chante Karimkhani!

Chante’s been practicing yoga with us since 2013! She’s one of our top members in terms of classes completed and reviews. Below is her testimonial and a few Q&A’s about her yoga practice.

What attracted you to yoga?

Mindfullness, sweat, and strength.

When do you practice yoga online?

Depends on my schedule, but I try to practice at least 5 days a week and it could be any hour of the day.

How has RY helped you with your yoga practice?

RY provides the flexibility that I need to practice yoga from anywhere anytime. There is an amazing diversity of classes and incredible teachers that have inspired me to grow.

“I found Reflexion Yoga as a busy and stressed-out medical student in New York City. From the first minute of my first class, I found not only an amazing variety of affordable, challenging, fun, and strengthening yoga classes, but also a home – a place where I could come before or after a long day and simply be nurtured. Now with my busy schedule as a resident that also loves to travel, Reflexion Yoga is an even more invaluable inspiration to grow my yoga practice.”

– Chante Karimkhani

A big shout out to Chante for all her awesome progress!

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