How to Set Up the Perfect At Home Yoga Studio

Practicing yoga in the studio is great, there’s no doubt. It’s a quiet, blissful setting, far away from the distractions and worries of everyday life. A good yoga studio can be like a sanctuary for many of us who choose to practice there. But practicing yoga every day at a yoga studio isn’t always possible. There are many things that can keep us from getting to the yoga studio every single day, so that’s why it’s important to feel comfortable practicing yoga at home. And when you practice yoga at home, you should have a space that is quiet and serene – just like the yoga studio.

First of all, I just want to say that if I can find a place to practice at home, anyone can. My family and I live in a tiny little house of just 1,000 square feet. In the summer, we have a beautiful screened-in porch that’s the perfect size for me to roll out my yoga mat. It’s like a mini yoga studio with plants, an altar, and big open windows that look out on the forest behind our house. Finding a place to practice in the winter, however, is quite another story. The only place I have to practice at home is in the living room, and I’m usually competing with the Christmas tree, the clothes drying rack (we don’t have a clothes dryer), and my son’s piles of Legos, and the wood stove.

How to Make Any Space a Sacred Space

First, find a place that gives you enough space to stretch out in. It doesn’t matter what else you have in the room, even if you have to shove the couch up against the wall or roll up a rug to make a space. As long as you have enough room to unroll your mat and can reach your arms up overhead without hitting a ceiling fan or light fixture, you’re good to go.

Try to dedicate this space just for yoga and meditation. This means keeping it clear of clutter and dirt, and not using it for anything else like watching television, eating, or sleeping. Not all of us have that luxury, so don’t feel bad about unrolling your mat anywhere you have room. For those of us who live in small spaces, it’s motivation to keep the house clean and ready for when we get fifteen or twenty minutes to practice yoga at home.

Create Your Own Ritual

I find it helpful to start every at home yoga practice with a brief ritual, so choose something that feels good to you. Some suggestions might include: burning incense, drinking a glass of pure water, chanting Ohm, lighting candles, or smudging with sage or Palo Santo.

When you roll out your mat, take a few minutes either seated or standing to breathe deeply and drop into your body. Bring your awareness to your breath and allow yourself to feel what it’s like to be in your body at this moment, in this place. You can even imagine with every inhale that your energy field is expanding to fill the entire space around you.

Eliminate Distractions

Lastly – just like you would at the yoga studio, you want to eliminate any distractions. This means turning off Facebook, turning off your phone, and maybe even locking the door so you won’t be disturbed. You’ll never find the same quality of a yoga studio at home until you create that same environment, so take this seriously!

Jennifer VanBenschoten

A lifelong seeker, Jennifer has been practicing yoga since 2002. She completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2014, followed by additional training and certifications in Curvy Yoga and kid's yoga. She is now working towards her 300 hour advanced teacher training certification. In addition to yoga, Jennifer is a certified Usui Reiki Master, Tarot reader and blogger, and is a mom to the coolest 9 year old boy this side of the Mississippi.

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