Why Yoga At Home Will Change Your Practice, And Your Life

Yes, there is something truly special about sharing your energy with others through yoga. Whether that be in a classroom, a park or on a brewery patio the energetic connection that builds on communal breath, flow and consciousness is powerful to say the least.

But, there are plenty of reasons why it’s important to cultivate an empowered at-home yoga practice as well. For starters, you may not always have the time, or the means, to make it to a group yoga class. Secondly, an individual practice allows you to move at your own pace and go deeper, mentally, emotionally and physically to find what serves your highest and greatest good. Lastly, practicing at home truly encourages discipline. With all those distractions, both good and bad in our homes, carving out time to truly dedicate to you, your growth, and your practice builds self-control and self-awareness.

Addicting, in a Good Way!

Yoga is like the best drug there is, once you start you can’t stop.

Most of us crave yoga way more often than we can carve out time to get to class. Once you’ve experienced the power of the practice, on all levels, mind, body and spirit, you’re bound to want more. It truly fills you up, expands you – like an addiction. But, most of the time, yoga is expensive. And in a studio there are only certain class times, and only a certain amount of students who can practice at a time in the space. This can lead to stress, stress around getting there, getting in and getting on with your day. With an at home practice you can practice whenever, and for however long you’d like.

Really Focus on You

An at-home practice also allows you to move deeper into yourself on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally.

You may want to move into a different expression of a pose or hold a pose longer but not feel comfortable taking those liberties in a group setting. You may also find that a pose doesn’t feel comfortable for you in this moment but feel bad not moving into it as it’s what the teacher instructed. Cultivating an at-home practice deepens your relationship with yourself and expands your energetic body in ways that call specifically to you. It is always nice to be surrounded by the loving energy of others, but an at-home practice lets you specifically develop and deepen what serves you.

Your Safe Place

Finally, our home is our sanctuary, or at least it should be.

But, with that being said it can also serve as a place of temptation, both good and bad. Allotting time for a yoga practice that will be uninterrupted by kiddos, phone calls, emails, dishes, etc builds discipline. You can’t just leave your mat in a studio to answer an email, so practicing this same restraint in a place where no one will hold you accountable but yourself builds focus. Also, creating a serene space in your home for you to practice shifts the energy and mindfulness of the space.

Nurturing an individual, solo practice delivers so many benefits to the mind, body and spirit. Of course it is still pleasurable, and important, to practice with others and learn and share from their inherent knowledge; but, it is also equally important to strengthen your own.

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This article was written by Kirsten Nagy, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Lead Author at yogaforbellyfat.com. Her passion for health and wellness extends far beyond her own personal practices, and she loves helping other embrace a healthy lifestyle, the easy way.

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