What Happens When You Become A Yoga Teacher – By Kyle Weiger

I remember the day I finished my Yoga Teacher Training like it was yesterday. So magical.

For those of you interested in becoming a Teacher, here is a 100% totally accurate, not-made-up-at-all, extremely factual account of all the events that will follow your training:

• The clouds split as Lord Shiva descends from above and personally anoints your 3rd Eye with a gentle touch of his finger, bestowing any and all yoga knowledge from the last 5,000 years directly into your brain.

• Your phone begins ringing off the hook with teaching opportunities, and you’ll soon be asked to headline Wanderlust with Michael Franti as your musical accompaniment.

• The medical and anatomical mysteries that even science has yet to unlock are now child’s play for you.

• Your fear of public speaking has unexplainably vanished, and you now have the charm and presence of an A-List celebrity, especially when tons of people are watching you.

• You can now float effortlessly into Handstand, and stay there for days.

• You fully understand the entire literal translation of the Sanskrit language, and it’s deeper spiritual meanings.

• Your relationship and personal problems disappear. Everybody loves you.

• When you talk, rainbows shoot out of your mouth.

Oh shit. Wrong list. Sorry about that. I was actually just jotting down all the things that I’m waiting for, hoping to cosmically bring them into fruition through my intention.

Ok, here’s the revised version:

• Your yoga studio or training facility hands you a certificate, signed-off by one of the Leads of the training program.

• You fax a copy to Yoga Alliance.

• The YA confirms your graduation of the program.

• You are now a certified yoga teacher.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

My point here is simple: Your yoga teacher doesn’t know everything. The path of teaching is still a path. Just like the practice of yoga, the practice of teaching yoga comes with growth, highs and lows, frustrations, celebrations, and everything else that life deals out in between.

Most yoga teachers took their roles because of their extreme passion for the practice, and it’s that passion that makes them good teachers. This fire is what drives them to continually practice, seek out more knowledge, and grow themselves as human beings.

I will make a point here to state clearly that I am not discounting any training program, or the amazing teachers they produce. I’m merely drawing attention to the fact that having the title as Yoga Instructor doesn’t make you less human. Assuming that they have all the answers puts them in a “holier than thou” place, which is not where they belong. In fact, if you have a teacher that claims to know everything, find a new teacher.

There are some amazing teachers out there, some with 20, 30, 40+ years of teaching experience, and even they will tell you, it’s a constant evolution and an on-going process of self-discovery. If you’ve ever been in class with one of these types of Instructors, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Yes, I think students should be able to look to their Instructors for inspiration. But be careful where you assign the inspiration. Do they inspire you because they’ve reached the mountaintop and found the meaning of life already? Or do they inspire you because they too are constantly evolving, and willing to share their vulnerability with the world?

Thank you. If anyone needs me, I’ll be levitating in my kitchen.

Be light my friends,

Kyle Weiger

Kyle Weiger

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