Beginner Yoga Class - Warmup

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Meet Your Mat – Warm Up

For you, it’s all about the warm up; getting your body properly aligned and familiar with the basics so you can advance your yoga practice. This video start deliberately slow and gives you everything you need to start a yoga practice!

Yoga Basics

Kyle Weiger
Less than 30 min
Beginner Yoga Course

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2 thoughts on “Meet Your Mat – Warm Up

  1. Carol S

    I have done yoga through videos every now and again throughout my life, but I liked the fact that Kyle showed good and bad yoga moves so that I can understand that every move has a proper way to do them. Just a little constructive criticism. As someone who is fairly new to yoga I really need to see EVERY move and I needed to see her posture and alignment of her back and with the loose shirt it was very hard to see how her body was aligned. With the pattern on the pants I also found it kinda hard and distracting to follow along. I have bad eyesight and its now easy to wear classes while doing yoga so simple, non descriptive clothes would have made it easier to follow the lines of the yoga poses. I found the pattern of the pants kinda distracting. I know its kinda silly, but I thought it was worth mentioning. She seems awesome at the yoga poses so I’m not trying to make her feel bad in any way. Once again I loved the video. I thought it was great to see the moves slowly and to see the wrong way and the right way to do each move. Thanks so much


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