Nicole R.

"As a blogger, I'm constantly being pitched the hot, new wellness product or service. Most times, they end up being a huge scam. When I first heard about Reflexion Yoga, it was perfect timing. I was just starting out in my career and couldn't afford expensive in-studio yoga classes. I'm so happy that I took the plunge and gave Reflexion Yoga a try. My favorite part about the site is how I can filter the videos by instructor, difficulty and length. If I only want to watch videos from Kyle at an intermediate level and in 30 minute increments, I can find those videos with a touch of a button.

I've introduced Reflexion Yoga to many of my friends and blog readers and I always hear positive reviews back. I'm so glad I found Reflexion Yoga. I'm going to be a member for life! "

member since 2012

Chelsea S.

"I have been traveling throughout Europe and am so grateful for Reflexion Yoga. It allows me to do online yoga from literally anywhere in the world and at anytime. With excellent instruction and a variety of classes, I can always count on what I need to stay centered and keep up with my practice! I am so grateful for the impact RY has had on my life and my trip over the past couple months!"

member since 2012

Jessica M.

"Reflexion Yoga has so many different kinds of teachers (personality/style of work out) that it makes it awesome to choose who to pick as a teacher, based off the work out I am looking for. The videos are simple and to the point. No fancy angles or editing. Teacher and student. Done and done. I feel great during and after the work out. I think it helps because I have been to some classes, but honestly the instruction from RY teachers and the visual of the video would help explain even the most difficult poses to anyone new to yoga. It's also great to be able to pick the work out based off of the teacher, description and time."

member since 2012

Collin G.

"I know working out obviously out helps with overall fatigue, but I'm on my feet all day bouncing between startup ventures and existing clients, so it gets difficult to find the time. Until I found Reflexion, I was worried about my energy levels throughout the day; my lack of physical activity was starting to rub off on clients, too! Now, I have an entire yoga studio in my condo. The Reflexion pros make me feel like I'm really in the studio. I would highly recommend Reflexion Yoga to any hardworking professional!"

member since 2014

Steven R.

"I was practicing Yoga off and on for a few years with the same excuse as many people do: “Too busy with work, school, and life” to do yoga and go to classes. My friend encouraged me to sign up for the site and take classes when I am at home, traveling, or even on my lunch break. I am able to now be more confident in my practice through the clear and practical explanations given by all the teachers, and when I can make it to a class I feel as if I have a leg up now…No pun intended."

member since 2013

Alissa S.

"The addition of RY to my life is such a bonus to my yoga practice and entirely convenient when traveling or when I cannot make time to get to the studio (or don't feel like leaving the house to go to the studio after a long day at work). With RY, my house can become my ‘studio' and it's ridiculously inexpensive when compared to what your local yoga studio charges. What's not to love?! Thank you RY!"

member since 2012

Cali F.

"With my wedding right around the corner, I wanted to get in shape for the big day! I've tried a number of routines, but was always so fascinated by how fit and lean yoga people are. Also, planning the wedding took up all of my time, so getting to a yoga class was basically out of the question. Reflexion Yoga allowed me to get a great workout from home, lose weight for the wedding, and feel great. Even after the wedding, it has stayed a big part of my regular fitness regimen!"

member since 2013

Sam A.

"I love yoga and it's so important to me that I practice daily, but that has become so challenging lately because I am too busy to attend yoga classes at the studios. That has changed thanks to Reflexion Yoga. They allow me to practice anywhere, anytime. I've tried to do yoga at home with videos when it's not convenient for me to go to a class. But even a great yoga DVD can start to feel boring after repeated viewings, leading me to a lack of motivation to roll out my mat and press play. Getting Reflexion Yoga online has significantly expanded my options and allowing me to change things up whenever I feel like it. Life is good again. Namaste"

member since 2012

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