Meet the hand-selected team of Reflexion Rockstars!

Reflexion Yoga has hand-selected our team of Instructors because of their deep knowledge of yoga, and their passion for helping people. Click on their images below to get their bio videos and learn a little more about our team!

  • Ben Davis

    Ben has a flare for exploring the difficult. His love for the softness of yoga is equally matched by his curiosity for exploring the limits of the human body. Along […]

  • Danny Harrigan

    Danny lives life to the fullest! He’s not only a full-time yoga teacher, but a director/choreographer for a production company here in Denver. His passion for helping people really shines […]

  • Erin Wimert

    Erin might be the most smiley person on the planet. She loves to laugh and have fun with everything she does….just watch the Blooper Reels if you need some evidence. […]

  • Giulia Pecone

    Giulia was one of the first people to reach out to Kyle to get involved in Reflexion Yoga. That’s just her nature, and how she lives. Aside from teaching yoga, […]

  • Heather Lorince

    Some people have a flare for the dramatic. Heather is not one of them. Rather, she has a flare for the light-hearted and funny! Her teaching style reflects her outlook […]

  • Hilary Savitri

    Hilary is RY’s in-house laugh factory, and queen of the one-liners! Hilary has been practicing and teaching yoga for years now, and has a wealth of experience to draw upon. […]

  • Kyle Weiger

    The original gangster of Reflexion Yoga, Kyle devotes his time making a site that helps people find their yoga path, and get healthy along the way. Kyle’s love of yoga […]

  • Matt Gagnon

    Matt Gagnon made a major life switch by getting into yoga, leaving the bar industry and focusing on personal transformation, in himself and others. He now teaches yoga and many […]

  • Nickki Head

    Nickki is a student and teacher of yoga. From the first time she stepped on her mat in Denver, Co., she knew she was about to embark on a special […]

  • Sasha Voronenko

    Aside from being one of RY’s most seasoned instructors, Sasha led the teacher training when Kyle and Danny got their certifications. She has 12+ years of experience to draw upon, […]